The Universal Beauty Council: The 15 Diamonds

The Universal Beauty Council: The 15 Diamonds

I looove UBC they seem to be the only ones considering black girls for the crown. You never know who the judges are gonna pick.

Gabby Douglas Gets Snubbed By NBC and Blackistan

NBC seems to refuse to acknowledge that is was Gabrielle Douglas, (America's Darling) who brought victory to the U.S. Gymnastics team. Instead all were hearing is the Jordyn Weiber waaaahmbulance. Does anyone care that the other girls got the US gold regardless of Jordyns setback? Does anyone not care about Gabby's high scores and the other 3 fabulous women who killed it? Stay pressed NBC.

Not to mention all the self-hating blacks commenting on her hair. Really? Especially with the obesity rates in our community. Gabby isn't a beauty queen she is the queen of flying.

Stay mad haters. She is my she-ro!

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Single Black Women: Admire Them and Leave Them Alone | Dallas South News

Single Black Women: Admire Them and Leave Them Alone | Dallas South News

By: Jeff Bolton – KLIF 570’s host of The Jeff Bolton Show

Young black women in America – many of whom have been grossly labeled in the vile underbelly of hip hop culture with street monikers — bitches, ho’s and baby mamas — are displaying a gutsy propensity in 2010 to succeed in life on their own terms, and this has the chattering classes truly abuzz because these women are succeeding without the benefit of marriage to stable, faithful, loving black men.Young Black Women

If you’ve been listening to the pop culture media machine lately, much ado has been made about the dearth of intelligent, faithful, successful black males for the growing pool of single, unmarried, successful black women. In the same discussion, much has been made of the startling statistics confirming that single, unmarried, successful black women are earning advanced college degrees at a rate far greater than young black males.

These issues ar…

A Sister Speaks: Why Serena William's Nude Cover Empowers Me -

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm….

I find it funny that we can bitch, moan, and complain about L’Oreal allegedly making Beyonce’s skin tone lighter, but yet no one seems to complain about this July 2009 issue of Hype Hair making Beyonce’s brown eyes green! Like seriously! It’s not the first time I have seen this happen in a black magazine. This obviously bad, unflattering, photoshopping makes her look like an Anime character. I digress. I’m not excusing L’Oreal, but I will put this out there for people to consider. When was the last time you saw a television commercial selling a hair product? Ok, when was the last time you saw a woman walking around with shiny, bright hair like that? Gasp, bingo! For those of you who already caught my drift there is no need to read the next few sentences. What I’m saying is that the bright lights used in hair commercials and print ads are know to wash the skin out. Beyonce was simply washed out not deliberately lightened though I thought it was lazy of the editor to not darken her skin…